Projects and partners of the FZI Living Lab smartSecurity

  • Cumulus4j: The project Cumulus4j makes concepts for the saving of application data available in the cloud. Cumulus4j was developed by researchers and software engineers from the companies AX Business Solutions AG from Karlsbad, Germany, NightLabs Consulting GmbH from Freiburg, Germany, and the FZI.
  • ProProtect: The goal of the project was to apply existing software protection solutions to manufacturing processes in order to meet the requirements of continuous protection against product piracy in plant and mechanical engineering.
  • EmbOSYST: The goal of the project is to research and develop protective mechanisms for the correct, confidential and safe operation of an embedded real time operating system within an open internet environment.
  • OpenID: The goal of the project OpenID was to develop mechanisms for the affordable authentification via the German new electronic identity card (in German: neuer elektronsicher Personalausweise (nPA)). With this technology, data in the cloud, for example, can be protected from being accessed by unauthorised parties.
  • KASTEL: The FZI and the Competence Center for Applied Security Technology (KASTEL) focus on developing provable mechanisms to protect data from being leaked. Among other things, the FZI therefore works on processing information in the cloud in compliance with data protection via cryptographic methods and suitable software architectures.
  • eIDConnect: The goal of the project eIDConnect is to balance security requirements from various domains with different quality features. These quality features are, for instance, usability and performance. This is enabled by the innovative combination of cryptographic methods and methods from software or automation technology.