Adaptive, Intuitive Assistance System for Intelligent Building Control (AICASys)

The project AICASys aims to enable wheelchair-bound persons to live a more autonomous and self-determined life in their own four walls. By means of an autonomously operating wheelchair and eye tracking glasses, visual scanning patterns of the affected person shall be recognised, the wheelchair shall be controlled via context information and items in the flat shall be switched as well as aid shall be provided in particular situations. Carers and relatives shall thus be supported in the care of the affected person.

Funding: BMBF – German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project partners: Heidelberg University, Sensomotoric Instruments GmbH, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), CIBEK technology + trading GmbH

Project status: ongoing

Contact person

Dr.-Ing. Dominik Riemer

Ehemaliger Mitarbeiter



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Phone: +49 721 9654-724

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