ASSUME - Affordable Safe & Secure Mobility Evolution

ASSUME researches a seamless engineering methodology and toolchain that allows the utilisation of powerful multi-core architectures in electronic control units (ECU) for highly automated mobility systems. This problem is addressed by constructive and analytic approaches. For efficient construction and synthesis of embedded systems, the project provides new tools, standards and methodologies to address the challenges by top-down design. In addition, ASSUME provides a well-integrated sound static analysis solution for software implementation details not available at design level. That allows for proving the absence of code defects even in a multi-core environment.
ASSUME will develop an innovative industrial-scale analysis platform to verify sequential and concurrent embedded systems. This platform supports improved integration of verification tools and methods across implementation languages and abstraction boundaries. Based on formalised process steps along the design flow of embedded systems, different models will be integrated in order to connect requirements, implementation, verification and validation measures.

In the project ASSUME the FZI focuses on the research of new methodologies, models and tools for scalable zero defect analysis of sequential hardware-dependent software. In addition, new concepts and analyses for the discovery of runtime errors in concurrent programs on multi-core systems are developed with the objective of providing a cross-boundary hardware/software defect analysis.