EmbOSYST: Embedded Operating System Security Through Integrity, System Management and Trust

In the project EmbOSYST funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the FZI cooperates with Hyperstone GmbH and WIBU-SYSTEMS AG. Together, they research and develop protective mechanisms for the correct, confidential and safe operation of an embedded real-time operation system in an open internet environment. A new hardware architecture is supposed to guarantee the system integrity of an embedded system during the entire life cycle.

Project desription

The intended hardware architecture comprises a programmable logic device as a webserver in combination with a flash memory and a smartcard chip. The solution is supposed to protect the system integrity of the real-time operation system and its applications. Possible uses can be found in the entire net and industrial automation, but also in other areas such as avionics and biomedical engineering.

"IT security allows a trusting cooperation between automation and global production. EmbOSYST will protect embedded operation systems from attacks and manipulation, safeguard confidentiality and manage the embedded ‘trust anchors’”, says Oliver Winzenried, CEO of WIBU-Systems AG.

Surplus value

The user obtains a programmable logic device as a web server in combination with a flash drive and a smartcard chip for the protection and system integrity of the real-time operation system and its application.


  • Development of protective mechanisms for the safe use of embedded real-time operation systems in an open internet environment


  • In embedded systems (e.g. in trains, machines, traffic facilities etc.)
  • Protects embedded systems from unauthorised external access

Project duration

  • From March 2013 until August 2015

Project partners