Intermodal e-Mobility Management – Project in the Cluster Electric Mobility South-West

In the framework of the project, an integral mobility solution concept is designed and prototypically implemented. It will link together electrified as well as non-electrified systems, both of private and public operators, in an intermodal way.

The change to electric mobility will achieve success when it adopts the changes in mobility behaviour currently being experienced, and provide suitable solutions for it. It is becoming less and less important to have a private car in favour of flexible mobility services, such as public transport and car sharing, becoming more popular.

The focus of the project I-eMM is to research concepts of providing and operating mobility services that link electric vehicle providers together with public transport providers. In order to quantify the future transport demand, mobility patterns and citizens are analysed. On this basis, business processes and models are analysed cross-provider and an integrated calculation of the mobility services is designed.

A second focus is set on the integration of real-time data from the electric vehicles and public transport operation. Therefore, information services are enabled that provide cross-provider information about the itinerary and thus further increase the attractiveness of the offers for passengers.

Cluster Electric Mobility South-West

With around 80 actors from industry and science, the Cluster "Electric Mobility South-West" is one of the most important regional associations in the field of electric mobility. The cluster, which is managed by the State Agency e-mobil BW GmbH, pursues the aim of advancing the industrialisation of electric mobility in Germany and of turning Baden-Württemberg into a leading supplier of electric mobility solutions. Under the motto "road to global market", the cluster uses the unique opportunities of the Karlsruhe – Mannheim – Stuttgart – Ulm region, in order to network renowned large, medium and small-sized companies from the fields of vehicle-, energy- and communications technology (ICT) as well as the cross-disciplinary field of production technology, among each other and with reserach insitutions on site.

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Dr.-Ing. Sascha Alpers

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Sascha Alpers studied Information Economics at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology with the core areas of Information and Knowledge Systems, Information Services in Networks, as well as Business Processes and Organization. Since 2010, Mr. Alpers has been a research scientist and, from 2013-2018, Manager of Living Lab mobile IT / mobile business, and since 2019 Manager of FZI Living Lab Software Innovations.
His research topic as doctoral candidate at the Institute AIFB (chair of Prof. Dr. Oberweis) is "Information security in (mobile) business processes". His focus is on modeling, and the analysis and economics of security aspects.


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