Intermodal e-Mobility Management – Project of Cluster Electric Mobility South-West

This project will produce an integral mobility solution concept and implement it as prototype. It will link together electric as well as non-electric systems intermodally, both of private and public operators.

The change to electric mobility will achieve success when it accommodates the changes in mobility behaviour currently being experienced, and provides suitable solutions. It is becoming less and less important to have one’s own car and flexible mobility services such as public transport and car-sharing are becoming more popular.

The focus of the I-eMM project is to study a holistic mobility services concept, in which electric and non-electric solutions offered by electric vehicle fleet operators and public transport providers are linked together. To do this, possibilities for comprehensive solutions involving electric vehicle fleets and public transport service providers are being studied, using transportation data from the Rhine-Neckar region. This is producing concepts for mobility solutions that envisage business processes spanning multiple operators. Further concepts are being developed for a comprehensive operations management system for the fleets of the car-sharing operators and the public transport providers, with a joint coordination centre. Here the public transport operations control system and the systems for data connections with the electric vehicles are being merged and combined with concepts for information services of users and for a common posting and payment system.

The methods and concepts developed represent the basic planning criteria for innovative mobility concepts. With these, new and improved mobility solutions can be created, especially in the area of public transport, with additional benefits for the customers.