Customer and Supplier Integration in Product Planning through Community-based Open Product Configuration Systems Kongressbeitrag/Proceeding

Viktor Schubert and Kiril Aleksandrov and Konstantin Krahtov
Helsinki, Finland
Companies have to maintain a continuous innovation process in order to exist in the nowadays highly competitive market. Therefore an opening of the product development process in the early phase is needed to increase the performance of innovation. A form, which is getting an increasing attention in practice, is the systematic integration of online consumer groups for idea generation and for better identification of their preferences. Although this is being successfully used in product planning in terms of customer integration, it turns out to be difficult to implement and its effectiveness for the innovation process suffers due to a lack of an appropriate integration of manufacturing knowledge. Within the research project “OpenCON” a framework for an open product development in virtual communities was developed at the FZI Research Center in Karlsruhe, Germany. Based on an extension of the open innovation approach for supplier integration that is already used in open-source software development, by crowdsourcing methods, the framework provides a novel way in the provision and use of community-based product configuration systems and in the control of the open product development processes. For the continuous monitoring and improvement of this tool-based customer and supplier integration in product planning, an ANP-based approach was further designed. The proposed paper presents the developed methods and systems of the project “OpenCON” that have been integrated into prototype modules and validated in a case study.
Research focus
Virtual Prototyping and Life Cycle Management
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Horst Goppelsröder