Semivirtual simulations for the evaluation of vision-based ADAS

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Zofka, Marc René and Kohlhaas, Ralf and Schamm, Thomas and Zöllner, J Marius
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Intelligent Vehicles Symposium Proceedings, 2014 IEEE
The design and development process of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is divided into different phases, where the algorithms are implemented as a model, then as software and finally as hardware. Since it is unfeasable to simulate all possible driving situations for environmental perception and interpretation algorithms, there is still a need for expensive and time-consuming real test drives of thousands of kilometers. Therefore we present a novel approach for testing and evaluation of vision-based ADAS, where reliable simulations are fused with recorded data from test drives to provide a task-specific reference model. This approach provides ground truth with much higher reliability and reproducability than real test drives and authenticity than using pure simulations and can be applied already in early steps of the design process. We illustrate the effectiveness of our approach by testing a vision-based collision mitigation system on recordings of a german highway.
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Safe and Intelligent Vehicles
CoCar – the instrumented cognitive car, ReTivU - Reales Testen in virtueller Umgebung
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Marc Zofka