TRNSYS-Java Coupler: A TRNSYS type that allows for a bi-directional communication with Java (Open source project)

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Manuel Loesch
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TRNSYS is a software environment used to simulate the behavior of transient systems, providing many components commonly found in thermal and electrical energy systems. This TRNSYS type allows for a bi-directional communication between TRNSYS and Java. After specifying the number of inputs and outputs of the type within the TRNSYS enviornment, respective links to other components can be established. In every simulation step, the type consumes a certain amount of inputs and sends the values to Java. Based on this, a certain amount of outputs is generated in Java, send back to TRNSYS and used as the type's output for the current simulation step. The communication between the TRNSYS type and the Java class is based on the Java Native Interface (JNI).
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Energy Management
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Manuel Lösch