A Flexible Design for System Control and Communications in a Robotic Mobility Assistand for Handicapped Persons

Irgenfried Stephan; Schneider Johannes; Wörn Heinz; Stork Wilhelm; Guhl Tim; Schellhase Matthias
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Proc. of the 19th International Conference on Transformative Research in Science and Engineering, Business and Social Innovation SDPS 2014
Society for Design and Process Science
In this paper we describe a flexible design for system control and communication in a robotic mobility aid, proof-of-concept in a prototype system and experimental results achieved within a multi-day testing session with a group of potential users. The mobility aid combines the functionalities of a walking aid with active fall prevention and a sit-to-stand transfer assistant in a single device, having a smaller footprint than standard walking aids. We focus on the system communication based on a middleware and describe, how this concept introduces robustness and flexibility to assisting devices like this and how the system can easily be extended with additional functionalities by adding new hardware or software. As examples for additional functionality, health monitoring, entertainment and communication applications are described.
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