Model based scenario specification for development and test of automated driving functions

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Johannes Bach, Stefan Otten, Eric Sax
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Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 2016 IEEE
Research and evaluation of algorithms and system architectures for automated driving advanced to a stage where transition from prototyping to series development seems practicable in some extent. While particular systems for environmental perception play a key role in advanced driving assistance systems, we still lack feasible methods for specification and validation of complex driving scenarios. This leads to increased effort in testing and inconsistent requirement definition along different development phases. In this paper we propose a methodology for abstract positional and temporal description of driving scenarios. The approach utilizes a movie related and omniscient view composed of sequential acts. Each act combines both states and interactions of distinct participants as well as the rudimental scenery. Selective events trigger changes in conduct leading to transitions between acts. Graphical visualization provides simple presentation of complex scenarios. Rule sets provide consistency checks and support semi-automated generation of test cases. The presented methodology facilitates model based test specification and requirements design constituting a consistent characterization of system environment from early concept and development to validation.
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Stefan Otten