Application of Line Clustering Algorithms for Improving Road Feature Detection

Fabian Poggenhans, André-Marcel Hellmund and Christoph Stiller
2016 IEEE 19th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC)
Although many algorithms have been proposed for the camera-based detection of road features (such as road markings, curbstones and road borders), truly contextual or relational information between the detections is rarely used. This is all the more surprising, since a lot of potential remains unused, regarding outlier rejection or compensating detection failures, multiple detections, misclassification or fragmentation. The aim of this paper is to present an approach that is suitable for such a task in both online and offline applications as a post-processing step after the actual detection and classification step. This is achieved by adapting a perception-based line-clustering algorithm that groups the pre-classified road features based on their relations and assigns them a final class. The grouped features are then fused to form continuous lines instead of individual dashes or fragmented lines. The evaluation on a 10 km drive in both rural and urban environment, as well as an online test on a short highway driving sequence shows that this approach is very well capable to increase the performance of road feature detection at a low computational cost.
Research focus
Safe and Intelligent Vehicles
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Fabian Poggenhans