Coping with the challenges of a rising complexity in context of a connected car with a continuous model of the System of Systems based on SysML

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Björn Sillmann, Thomas Glock, Eric Sax
EAEC2017 - 15th European Automotive Congress
As a result of more powerful communication technologies, individual systems are increasingly connected to System of Systems (SoS). In the automotive industry the SoS consists, among others, of the connected car, information technology (IT) backend systems and smart homes. Common characteristics of such systems are the autonomy of the constituent systems and the evolutionary development of the overall system with their distributed functionality. These lead to a rising complexity and increasing development risks over time. Therefore this is one of the biggest challenges in the automotive industry. Accordingly, there is a demand for the support of an efficient evolutionary development. This paper presents a methodological concept for supporting the evolutionary development of SoS. The main focus is on achieving a general system understanding. Therefore a continuous model of the SoS is introduced. This fosters the consideration of the current SoS for the development of new connected services and the reuse of existing services. In conclusion, this builds the basis for a more efficient development of new connected services.
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Thomas Glock