Considerations for a Spatial Big Data architecture in the BigGIS project

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Abecker, A. and Brauer, T. and Kutterer, J. and Schnitter, K. and Nimis, J. and Wiener, P.
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CEUR Workshop Proceedings
In the recent years, a number of data-management and data-analytics applications and technologies under the label \& quot;big data \& quot; has found much interest among academics and practitioners. From our point of view, the respective researchers and commercial providers, up to now, neglected to a large extent both the spatial dimension of potential big-data applications and their usage potential in the area of environment protection and environment management. Hence, the RTD project BigGIS investigates methods and tools for \& quot;Spatial Big Data \& quot; in three environment-related application scenarios. In this paper, some basic definitions and considerations are explained, the three application scenarios of BigGIS are presented and some initial insights regarding software architectures for Spatial Big Data solutions in the area of geo data and environmental applications are presented.
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Patrick Wiener