Mission profile-based assessment of semiconductor technologies for automotive applications

Ali Ahari, Alexander Viehl, Oliver Bringmann, Wolfgang Rosenstiel
Microelectronics Reliability
Semiconductor technology has to be qualified under the harsh temperature conditions required by the AEC-Q100 qualification standard before it is applied in the automotive sector. In this paper, we propose a framework to assess different semiconductor technologies for typical automotive electronics components considering both AEC-Q100 temperature specifications and real world automotive environmental temperature profiles as given by mission profiles. The results of the use-case on SRAM indicate that the conventional qualification process based on AEC-Q100 significantly underestimates the reliability of advanced semiconductor technologies and prevents their application in automotive electronics. Qualification based on AEC-Q100 also slightly underestimates the power and performance, however, the amount of underestimation reduces by technology scaling. In addition, our analysis shows that technology scaling does not lead to a performance boost in typical automotive applications due to severe reliability challenges of advanced technology nodes in automotive environments. As a consequence, we consider mission profile-based technology assessment as a promising alternative to the qualification of semiconductor technologies in automotive applications.
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Ali Ahari