Automated Function Assessment in Driving Scenarios

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Christian King, Lennart Ries, Christopher Kober, Christoph Wohlfahrt, Eric Sax
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2019 12th IEEE Conference on Software Testing, Validation and Verification (ICST)
In recent years, numerous innovations in the automotive industry have addressed the field of driver assistance systems and automated driving. Therefore, additionally required sensors, as well as digital maps and online services, lead to an ever-increasing system space, which must be covered. Established test approaches in the area of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) use predefined and structured test cases to test the systems on the basis of requirements. In the approach of systematic testing, an evaluation is only carried out for a specific test case respectively the duration of a test step. This paper presents a concept for an automated quality assessment of scenarios by introducing a situation-based test approach. The aim is the analysis and subsequent evaluation of continuous function behavior during a driving scenario within a simulated environment. Compared to conventional systematic test approaches, the presented concept separates assessments into activation and test conditions and allows a continuous evaluation of a virtual test drive, whereby multiple evaluations of systems in similar scenarios with deviating boundary conditions are possible. For the first time, this enables a functional assessment of a complete test drive comprising numerous scenarios and situations. The presented approach has been prototypically implemented and demonstrated on a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) test bench evaluating an adaptive cruise control (ACC) system.
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Safe and Intelligent Vehicles
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Christian King