Scenario-Based Development of an Industry 4.0 Domain Description Language for a Plant Architecture

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Thomas Glock, Tobias Groß, Matthias Kern, Victor Pazmino Betancourt, Eric Sax, Jürgen Becker
IEEE - 7th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management
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7th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management
By the introduction of industry 4.0 (I4.0), which is characterized by a decentralized intelligence as well as an autonomy of the product development, new challenges have arisen with regard to the existing technologies and planning of industrial plants. Most concepts developed are used by manufacturers of various branches themselves and have manufacturer specific scenarios, standards and requirements. This work presents the approach of a continuous scenariobased development of an I4.0 description language for an I4.0 industrial facility. The resulting metamodel is based on the service-oriented architecture and the Internet of things methodology. At the end of this paper, we will show how the metamodel is integrated and used in an I4.0 development tool.
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Victor Pazmino Betancourt