Analyse der ethischen Fragestellungen bei der Konstruktion von digitalen Plattformen

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Levina, Olga
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CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Data scandals from social networks and scandals associated with IT use are increasingly present in the public discussion. This shows that ethical considerations in the area of information technology (IT) can no longer be neglected. Many providers of IT artefacts such as social networks and digital applications implement their products without considering the resulting social effects. This article focuses on the social and ethical issues that may arise from the diffusion and use of digital platforms. Based on experiences from design research projects in this field, a short analysis of the platform governance concept and its impact on the ethical aspects of computer science research according to Mason is be carried out. Mason's ethics analysis approach is chosen here to empower both ethical reasoning in the IT field and to point out aspects of the artifact that have received little or no attention so far to researchers and platform creators.
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Olga Levina