Cloud Computing and Cloud Services

Selected Projects

Cloud Enabling

In the project Cloud Enabling, the FZI explores how Deutsche Telekom can deploy cloud computing in order to improve internal (development-) processes regarding the cost-efficiency and in order to bring innovative products on the market. Within the project, a demonstrator was built at the FZI that allows managing complex system landscapes in terms of costs, system load and available resources. Our project partners are Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs), T-Systems and technology providers for cloud infrastructures.

Contact: Dr. Alexander Lenk


InDiNet – Innovative Dienstleistungen im zukünftigen Internet (innovative services in the future Internet)

In this project, a platform is developed that will support providers of emergent software components in the development of new business models through tried and tested procedures, directives and templates, so that they can position their offers on open market places. The technical realisation and the operation of the associated services are supported by suitable services and tools. An important instrument therefore is an easy to consume environment and platform for small- and medium-sized companies that covers the aspects Platform as a Service (PaaS) as well as Composition as a Service (CaaS).


Im Projekt SLA@SOI wurde erforscht, wie Qualitätseigenschaften von IT-Diensten bei der Konstruktion Service-orientierter Architekturen systematisch sichergestellt und im Betrieb überwacht werden können. Das FZI steuerte Verfahren zur Qualitätsvorhersage beim Software-Entwurf bei, integrierte die Vorhersage in die entstandene SLA-Plattform und schuf neue Methoden für die Qualitätsplanung bei der Dienstkomposition


Q-ImPrESS – Qualitätsvorhersage für SOA-Systeme

Wie sich die Umstellung von Software auf serviceorientierte Architekturen (SOA) auf die Dienstgüte und die Wartbarkeit der Systeme auswirkt, wird im Projekt Q-ImPrESS erforscht. Entstanden sind Verfahren zur modellgetriebenen Vorhersage verschiedener Qualitätseigenschaften. Sie zeigen im Voraus, welche Folgen eine Entwurfsentscheidung hat.


easyCare – Technology Supported Services for Care Givers

In easyCare, FZI developed solutions to support care givers that support them in their daily duties. Furthermore, a new software connects social services, healthcare providers and customers. The FZI-Spin-Off nubedian is commercializing the resulting software.

Contact: Christoph Zimmermann


CLUSS - Cloud Services Scalability

In the project CLUSS, which is funded in the framework of the funding initiative "KMU-innovativ", it is worked on the technical realisation of granular scalable, internet-based services and their dynamic pricing. Through the use of diagonal scaling technologies, a needs-oriented adjustment of necessary resources is made possible. Primarily realised by the suitable control of peak load, simulation results and test implementations show an efficient resource use.

Contact: Kevin Laubis