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Cloud computing can be profitable for enterprises, for example through dynamic scalability, elasticity, lower capital requirements, and lower operating costs. On the one hand, the vast scalability of computing power and the storage space of cloud computing make it possible to perform completely new applications that could not be performed without cloud computing. On the other hand, inadequate accessibility of already existing software of a company, uncertainties concerning the quality of service, missing guarantees for the security of business data, and challenges concerning the software architecture are still an obstacle to the use of cloud computing. Hybrid cloud computing offers a helping hand here and enables the integration of the locally running company’s software and cloud services.

The FZI offers a comprehensive view of cloud computing, develops solutions for hybrid infrastructures and thus focuses on quality features like performance, scalability, reliability, availability, and safety and security. This enhances trustworthiness of cloud computing solutions and makes it possible to also exploit its benefits in hybrid scenarios without ignoring a company’s already existing software.

The FZI individually attunes cloud computing solutions to the IT infrastructure of the respective company, provides support in choosing between various clouds and storage solutions, develops new or migrates old software architectures for the cloud and supports the migration of the company’s existing software systems in a hybrid cloud solution. The analysis and simulation strategies developed by the FZI make it possible to develop an ideal cloud strategy.

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Dipl.-Inform. Jörg Henß

Department Manager



My main research interests cover simulation interoperability, model-driven engineering and modern software development methods for enterprise and mobile systems. 

After completing my diploma thesis at Fraunhofer, Karlsruhe, I joined the Software Design and Quality (SDQ) group at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since March 2015, I'm researcher at the FZI. 



My list of publications can be found at Chair for Software-Design and -Quality at KIT.


Phone: +49 721 9654-630

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