Electric Mobility

Electric mobility – concepts, methods and functions

In the research focus Electric Mobility, we research, develop and evaluate mobility concepts and features for electrically operated vehicles. These include methods for range optimisation, future concepts of interconnected mobility, and the integration of future electric mobility concepts into the traffic and energy infrastructure.

With a specifically modified electric vehicle, the FZI has a next generation electric car for research purposes at its disposal. Apart from innovative powertrain components, the car’s extended fully accessible energy management system of the integrated energy circuits allows the development of new driving, operating and recuperation strategies. Other key research areas at the FZI are small, flexible vehicles for personal on demand mobility assistance in intermodal travel chains. Our main research areas are the following:

  • Automatic parking and loading manoeuvres for electric vehicles in parking spaces and car parks
  • Methods that predict energy demand individually
  • Methods and architectures that support resource-efficient driving strategies in electric vehicles
  • Networked mobility due to modern communication technologies and flexible utilisation of small transport platforms
  • Integration of electric vehicles into the energy network of the future