Energy Management

Research on information and communication technologies for the intelligent management of energy flows

Due to the increasing decentralisation of power generating modules with highly fluctuating resources as well as the growing coupling of thermal and electrical energy, efficient management systems for the provision, the consumption and the storage of several forms of energy in distribution networks, buildings and plants is needed.

The FZI Living Lab smartEnergy serves as an ideal platform in the FZI House of Living Labs to research solutions for the energy system of the future in the fields of mobility, office, private household, and industry. The focus lies on the efficient control of decentralised provision, the storage as well as the usage of thermal and electrical energy. The increasingly networked infrastructure of modern buildings therefore offers ideal conditions and necessitates the deployment of standardised procedures for the integration of devices and systems. The challenges of industrial production are rather similar. In order to efficiently optimise the energy demand and related peak loads as well as the efficiency of plants in context of varying operational requirements, the FZI also researches systems for the analysis and control of energy flows in production environments.

Intelligent energy management is able to provide flexibility in energy generation and consumption without significant impacts on the user. It thus provides an essential contribution to the stability of the power grid that more and more is characterized by fluctuating renewable energy generation.

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Manuel Lösch (M.Sc.)

Department Manager



Manuel Lösch studied computer science and business informatics. He holds a master's degree in business informatics from University of Mannheim in which he specialized on “systems design and development”, and a bachelor's degree in computer science from Hochschule Furtwangen University. Besides semesters abroad in the USA and in the Republic of China, he gained practical experiences in the area of software development with IBM Research & Development and with SAP Research.

Since 2013, Manuel Lösch has been working at the FZI. His research focuses on IT-based solutions for the energy system of the future — since 2018 as manager of the research department “Intelligent Information and Communication in Technical Systems” (IIK). His particular interest lies in the grid-supportive flexibilization of electricity consumption and generation. In addition, he is responsible for the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy in which innovative energy management solutions are prototypically developed and evaluated together with partners from industry and science.


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