Parallel Processing and Multicore


Today, parallel processing is the most important technique for the realisation of high-performance systems. The trend towards multicore platforms shapes the entire development process starting with the design of hardware and software to programming paradigms and development tools.

The FZI does research on every aspect of parallel processing and supports its partners with the development of high-performance systems.

The FZI Living Lab Automotive is an excellently equipped research environment for the testing, evaluation and integration of multicore projects for example.

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Oliver Denninger

Division Manager



Oliver Denninger joined the FZI in June 2007 after having completed his degree (Dipl.-Inform.) in computer science at University of Karlsruhe (TH). Starting October 2010 he was department manager and since July 2015 he is division manager for Software Engineering (SE). He received the ObjektForum-Förderpreis 2007 for his diploma thesis. His main research interests include software architectures, quality and maintenance as well as parallel processing and multi-core systems.


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