Real Time Data Management

Ausgewählte Projekte

SaDaaS – Erfolgsbasiertes Pay-per-Use: Bezahlt werden nur erfolgreich ausgeführte Dienstleistungen

Herkömmliche Abrechnungsverfahren für Dienstleistungen, die als Online-Service über das Internet bereitgestellt werden, gehen davon aus, dass die eingekaufte Dienstleistung nach dem Auslösen störungsfrei bis zum Ende ausgeführt wird. Am FZI wurde ein Modul für Internet-Abrechnungssysteme entwickelt, das den korrekten Transaktionsablauf überwacht. Abgebucht werden nur erfolgreich ausgeführte Leistungen.

Contact: Natalja Kleiner


ALERT – Active support and reaL-time coordination based on Event pRocessing in FLOSS development

The aim of the EU project ALERT is the conception of an event-driven platform, in order to significantly improve the coordination of developers in software projects.

Contact: Dr. Ljiljana Stojanovic


InDiNet – Innovative Dienstleistungen im zukünftigen Internet (innovative services in the future Internet)

In this project, a platform is developed that will support providers of emergent software components in the development of new business models through tried and tested procedures, directives and templates, so that they can position their offers on open market places. The technical realisation and the operation of the associated services are supported by suitable services and tools. An important instrument therefore is an easy to consume environment and platform for small- and medium-sized companies that covers the aspects Platform as a Service (PaaS) as well as Composition as a Service (CaaS).

ARtSENSE – Augmented RealiTy Supported adaptive and personalised Experience in a museum based oN processing real-time Sensor Events

ARtSENSE aims to develop an active assistant, which looks over the user’s shoulder (physical world) and reacts on any change in a visitor’s state of interests (user’s world) by adapting the guide (digital world) accordingly.

The project ARtSENSE is funded through the cooperation programme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission.