Safe and Intelligent Vehicles

Research for the car of tomorrow

The core business of the research focus dealing with safe and intelligent vehicles is to develop and evaluate concepts and functions for intelligent vehicles and their functional safety.

The intelligent vehicle will evaluate traffic flows and issue warnings about obstacles via integrated sensors, cameras, and intelligent software and hardware systems. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, for instance when the driver is distracted or when acute health problems arise, the car will be able to avoid obstacles autonomously, adapt to the traffic flow and keep on driving until the driver can take over control or until the next available opportunity to stop at the roadside. This is made possible, among other things, by current 2D and 3D sensors, inertial and vital sensors, actuating elements as well as high-performance control computers.

Safe and early testing and evaluation of new algorithms and hardware

The FZI Living Lab Automotive is the ideal research environment for this purpose: The hardware and software components for vehicles of future generations are researched, developed and evaluated here.

With versatile hardware and software lab equipment, the FZI Living Lab Automotive is able to efficiently participate in the ongoing technical development in the automotive sector in terms of passive and active driver support.

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Marc René Zofka

Department Manager



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Phone: +49 721 9654-366

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