Safety and Security

Selected Projects

Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg

The aim of the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg is the statewide development of regional infrastructures for the first aid in the case of an IT security incident in Baden-Württemberg's small and medium-sized companies. Currently, the Cyberwehr is in an exploration phase in the Karlsruhe area and it is available for companies of this area. A control point along with a hotline will be set up, in the framework of the exploration phase. This contact point is accessible 24 hours 7 days a week via the telephone number 0800-CYBERWEHR and operates on the basis of incoming calls.

Contact: Dr. Dirk Achenbach


FLUIT: Security for Interconnected Air Traffic Management

The project aims at sustainably improving the IT security situation in the air traffic control and at forwarding the safeguarding of aircrafts against targeted attacks. For this purpose, the project partners develop a catalogue of security criteria, best practices, methods and standard process models, which can serve as a basis for an international standardisation project.

Contact: Dr. Jochen Rill


The project CyberProtect, funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing, pursues the objective of better safeguarding complex software systems, in terms of strengthening SMEs in Baden-Württemberg. All three fields of security (security, safety and privacy) are considered here, whereby the focus is set on to the subfield of security. In the framework of the project, methods are developed, in order to make the behaviour as well as decisions of complex software systems, such as AI systems, visible and thus enable making statements about the systems' state of security. SMEs are integrated into the project by means of a wide-ranging offer of quick checks, trainings and open lab days, in order to provide them with the opportunity of examining their complex software for security and, if necessary, improving it.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Arne Rönnau


The project EmbOSYST - Embedded Operating System Security through Integrity, System Management and Trust – develops and researches protective mechanisms for the correct, confidential, safe and secure operation of an embedded real-time operating system in an open Internet environment. The growing interconnection of systems, often referred to as cyberphysical systems in the Internet of Things, leads to growing security requirements for the interaction. Based on an innovative hardware architecture, a special FPGA component connected to a flash memory and a smartcard chip will ensure the integrity of the system during the entire life cycle of an embedded system. 

Contact: Victor Pazmino Betancourt


SecSPS: Plattformunabhängiger Softwareschutz für eingebettete Steuerungssysteme

In automation technology, product piracy and know-how theft are becoming a source of concern for manufacturers and users. The SecSPS project researches and develops methods for the platform-independent software protection of embedded control systems.

Contact: Victor Pazmino Betancourt