Knowledge Management and Social Media for Enterprise 2.0


The most valuable resource of a company are its employees, as well as the knowledge anchored in their minds. Thus, a crucial factor for corporate success is to empower employees to manage their knowledge effectively and efficiently, to exchange it, and create added value out of it.

Knowledge management as a paradigm for added-value services in companies goes far beyond the development of new desktop applications for employees. Business processes, for instance, can be modelled flexibly and hence be automated, using knowledge-based systems and semantic technologies. Moreover, knowledge-based systems pave the way for the development of intelligent solutions for context-based information provision. In order to describe the complex interrelations of a specific application domain of a company, the correct representation and processing of knowledge is needed. This representation should be expressive to a degree that is necessary corresponding to its purpose of use. Apart from automatic reasoning services, the focus also lies on intelligent data integration and search mechanisms.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology provides consulting and support for companies for the selection and deployment of solutions for knowledge management and social media applications. The FZI particularly provides assistance for research, technology scouting, and feasibility studies as well as for the customisation of universal solutions and latest research results according to the respective company's needs. Moreover, the FZI provides target-oriented and individual courses that are beneficial for corporate success in the areas of knowledge management, semantic technologies, social media, and other related topics.

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