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Safe and Convenient Support of Living and Care

In the health care system, information and communication technologies (ICT) have become an integral part of the health service infrastructure through which the efficiency and effectiveness of processes can be increased. It can be observed that ICT increasingly develops from formerly purely administrative tasks to the immediate support in care. The search for innovative solutions for supporting and relieving the work of carers as well as for the specific information exchange in a networked cross-sectoral and cross-professional care becomes increasingly important.

ICT solutions assist in a number of everyday activities, support lifelong learning and facilitate the social interaction. In the health care system, they improve the workflows of physicians, rescue teams and carers through networking, technical monitoring, electronic information and automated documentation.

From the different perspectives of science, industry and the parties concerned, there is a wide range of requirements to be met for the research and development of ICT systems for the health care system. Solutions that contribute to the improvement of medical care and care conditions that ensure the independence and self-determination of the patients and relieve family carers are in demand. The FZI addresses these research questions. Technical as well as economical and social aspects are being investigated. The research focus is on the field of Medical Information Technology and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). The aim is to develop solutions which measurably enhance the patients’ and elderly persons’ quality of life.

Research Focuses

Smart Home and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

"Smart Home and Ambient Assisted Living" refer to research activities dealing with the development of technologies and their integration into private living areas – for more security and comfort in everyday life.

Medical Information Technology

In the Medical Information Technology domain we focus on innovative e-health solutions for future personal health care applications. We cover different topics from the development of new sensor concepts to unobtrusive wearables and ambient monitoring systems to mobile health applications.

Telemedicine and Health Care Services

In the field of Telemedicine and Health Care Services we work on ICT-based service concepts, planning algorithms and methods to assess their quality and productivity. A focus is on telemedicine applications.

Further research focuses can be found here.

Contact Person

Christoph Zimmermann

Department Manager



Christoph Zimmermann studied Electrical and Information Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Priorities during his studies were in the field of biomedical engineering. His diploma thesis entitled "Development and Evaluation of algorithms for online- and offline-analysis of EDA-signals" was written at movisens GmbH in Germany.

In July 2013 has work started as a Research Scientist at FZI in the Embedded Systems and Sensor Engineering (ESS) department.

Since Juliy 2017 Christoph Zimmermann is working as a departement manager in ESS.

Research interests

  • Human-Technology-Interaction
  • Ambient sensors
  • (Bio-)signal processing
  • Wearable Devices / IoT


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Phone: +49 721 9654-764

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