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The increasing knowledge intensity of products and services, technological developments but also the global competitive pressure imply that the success of an organisation as well as the welfare of a society increasingly depend on information and knowledge. Thus, our research aim is to capture the right knowledge or to derive it from a constantly growing flood of data in order to make use of it at the right time in the right form in the right place.

The FZI especially observes new approaches in this application field in order to collect knowledge from large amounts of data (big data) or from the collective intelligence of many people just as corporate information systems get better through cloud computing and can support learning.

Mobile collaboration und collective intelligence

The methods and technologies that arose in recent years on the Internet like wikis have radically simplified the contribution and combining of information on the Internet and intranet. The collective intelligence of ever larger groups can efficiently be collected and made usable trough these technologies. Together with the rapid development of web-enabled and with sensor-equipped smartphones, the base for a new generation of a corporate knowledge management develops in which data and knowledge can be collected and provided by everyone and for every staff member exactly at the moment of use.

The FZI analyses, for example in the PartSense project, how distributed data storage with smartphones can be better facilitated. In further transfer projects, the FZI tests how technologies like wikis for the dissemination of information in the healthcare sector can be used.

Knowledge of big data

Increasingly cost-efficient and precise sensors, extensive data collections from corporate information systems as well as the social web constitute a flood of data. Their processing poses significant technical challenges. At the same time, the large amount of available data creates opportunities for optimising products and services. In this field we research, amongst others, in the Shared Research Group Corporate Services and Systems, a research and development cooperation of Bayer, the FZI and KIT, how the financial planning of a large-scale enterprise can be improved on the basis of such data volumes.

Cloud computing and cloud services

The trend to offer IT services on the Internet and to invoice them depending on the usage offers new opportunities to use innovative services in this field cost-efficiently as well as new opportunities to offer such services. In this subject area, the FZI analyses especially how the security and lawful processing of information can be ensured in the cloud and how standards can support the processing of cloud computing.

Technology-based learning

Since many years, technology-based learning is a subject of research and development at the FZI. In particular in the framework of the EU-FP7 projects MIRROR and xDelia, the FZI has developed new ways of technology-based learning. For example in the project MIRROR, information about the working life are being collected via mobile phones and sensors attached to the body. These data are evaluated and presented by a computer. In this way, the staff members are being supported in the reflexion of their work. It should, for example, become possible for them to understand better which aspects of their work cause stress –­ and what can subsequently help them to learn how to better deal with it.

Research focuses

Cloud Computing and Cloud Services

The research focus "Cloud Computing and Cloud Services" concentrates on how corporate information systems can be improved through cloud computing.

Big Data and Service Science

The research focus "Big Data and Service Science" is dedicated to decision-making processes based on facts and data for the planning and controlling of complex services and systems in organisations.

Knowledge Management and Social Media for Enterprise 2.0

The research focus “Knowledge Management and Social Media for Enterprise 2.0” researches on how IT staff members can be better enabled to manage their knowledge effectively and efficiently, to exchange their knowledge as well as generate an added value.

An overview of all research focuses of the application field “Knowledge and Information Services” can be found here.

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