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Focus on Safety, Security, Quality and Efficiency

Through the ubiquitous use of software, complex requirements are placed on software development. Our teams work on innovative design methods and software solutions for the construction of software systems, which can be produced and operated economically and are at the same time permanently safe, secure, trustworthy and controllable. An engineering-based software development that also integrates the performance prediction and quality assurance into the design, is considered as a prerequisite.

Through the use of the latest findings and technologies in information technology and computer science as well as the opportunities of international collaborations, which arise from the worldwide networking through web technologies, computer scientists, software engineers, economists and data security specialists develop pioneering methods for the software development at the FZI. Their starting point is a holistic approach on software. This starts at the business process analysis and goes on with the consideration of the economic necessity for software design and production processes that are efficient and suitable for industrial use. It also uses the latest technologies, such as multi-core processing, virtualisation, cloud computing, web and social media collaboration and extends to cryptographic solutions for  the protection of data from attackers, whether on own servers or outsourced in clouds.

In the application area Software Engineering, the FZI bundles its activities in software engineering research. The focus is on researching and developing innovative approaches in software engineering as well as the integration of software technology and innovations in interdisciplinary research projects at the FZI.

Research focuses

Business Process and Software Management

The research focus “Business Process and Software Management” covers the identification, modelling, analysis and optimisation of business processes as well as the support, improvement and the compliance with the implementation into business software.

Software and Architecture Analysis

In the research focus “Software and Architecture Analysis” we research and develop tools and methods for a sustainable design of software architectures with a view on non-functional system properties such as performance, scalability, reliability and maintainability as well as quality models and standards.

Mobile and Multi-Platform Development

In the research focus “Mobile and Multi-Platform Development” we concentrate on solutions for the design, operation and maintenance of cross-platform systems (including the integration of mobile devices) using model-driven development techniques (MSDS) and domain-specific languages (DSL).

Safety and Security

The research focus “Safety and Security” observes security and safety problems of IT systems and develops solutions. This includes threat and safety analyses and the conception of secured protocols and systems.

Further research focuses can be found here.

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Oliver Denninger

Division Manager



Oliver Denninger joined the FZI in June 2007 after having completed his degree (Dipl.-Inform.) in computer science at University of Karlsruhe (TH). Starting October 2010 he was department manager and since July 2015 he is division manager for Software Engineering (SE). He received the ObjektForum-Förderpreis 2007 for his diploma thesis. His main research interests include software architectures, quality and maintenance as well as parallel processing and multi-core systems.


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