Decision support method for using virtual reality in education based on a cost-benefit-analysis

Häfner, P.; Dücker, J.; Schlatt, C.; Ovtcharova, J.
Dime University of Genoa, Rende
4th International Conference of the Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education
Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular, especially for education and training. Many schoolings or training domains can profit from it. Until now, there is few guidance on when and how to employ such technologies. In this paper, we propose a method for analyzing step by step if a course can profit from the use of immersive virtual environments. Specific indicators were identified and compiled into a questionnaire that can be used to assess for which courses the use of virtual reality could be beneficial. An existing course situation is analyzed from different perspectives, as students, educators or the management might perceive it differently. As a further step, the paper contains a guideline on how to carry out the feasibility studies in the context of virtual reality learning environments. The profitability of the investment is investigated from different angles in order to allow a well-founded decision. The procedure is then carried out on sample use cases to validate the method.
Virtual Prototyping und Life Cycle Management
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Jana Deckers (geb. Dücker)