Planning and Evaluation of Robotic Solutions in a Logistic Line Through Augmented Reality

G. Bolano, A. Roennau, R. Dillmann
The planning and evaluation of robotics solutions in logistic environments is a time consuming process. It usually requires to plan on paper or with 2D CAD software the setup and flow of the parts in a line, with the need to buy and set up expensive equipment in order to test and validate the planned solution. Augmented Reality (AR) is a promising technology for these applications. The required equipment and parts can be simulated in order to evaluate the system beforehand, computing the resulting performance information automatically. The simulated hardware can be superimposed at the desired position in the real scenario, giving the user a more precise information on how the components in the setup will behave. In this work we propose an AR system to plan and configure a line consisting of a robot and a conveyor belt. The proposed system architecture allows to adapt the behavior of the existing hardware components accordingly to the changes introduced in the simulation. The performances of the picking task are computed by the system and visualized to the user, as well as the simulated objects. A GUI allows the worker to change and adjust the speed of the robotics components and the position and flow of the parts. An additional robot can be placed and visualized in order to evaluate the improvements in the line performance deploying additional equipment.
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