Vehicle-to-Business Communication: Enabling Web Services for High-Scalable Communication Infrastructures in Mobile Bandwidth-Limited Networks

Manuel Loesch, Markus Miche, Friedbert Kaspar, Marc Brogle, Thomas Michael Bohnert
informatikJournal 2010, Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences
This paper shows how we realized a prototypical platform for interconnecting vehicles and business systems based on mobile cellular networks and Web service standards. However, Web services have been originally designed for broadband networks like the conventional, non-mobile Internet. Because of the incomplete coverage of 3G cellular networks, especially the bandwidth limitation of 2G cellular networks has to be seen as bottleneck. Thus, we surveyed different approaches for improving the SOAP layer in order to achieve efficient and scalable Web service communication. The impact of compression and usage of binary XML on the message size, transmission time, and scalability is evaluated based on realistic application scenarios and various bandwidth classes. We come to the conclusion that existing technologies can be used to achieve significant improvements in bandwidth-limited networks. However, we further show that such a SOAP layer optimization does not come along with noticeable benefits in broadband networks.
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