Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Reiter

Department Manager


Sebastian Reiter studied computer science at the University Karlsruhe (TH) from 8/2002 to 3/2008. Research focus was the design of embedded systems and computer architectures, telematics and systems engineering. The topic of his diploma thesis was "Design and Implementation of an Array-Based Data Path Concept for Autonomous Realization of DSP Algorithms".

From 8/2008 to 3/2010 he worked as a system developer at the XTRONIC GmbH. His work included the conception and design of test equipment for the automotive domain.

Since 4/2010 he is a research assistant in the department SiM.

Research interests:

  • Reliability analysis of embedded systems
  • System simulation e.g. using SystemC
  • Automotive bus systems (MOST, CAN, FlexRay)


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Telefon: +49 721 9654-430
E-Mail: sreiter@dont-want-spam.fzi.de