Multi-perspective, interdisciplinary and objective

The FZI takes a stand on research-relevant topics that push society forward

The FZI is the leading independent institute for applied cutting-edge research and research transfer in the field of information and communication technology in response to the challenges facing society – worldwide, today and tomorrow.

As a non-profit and independent foundation under civil law we are specialized in applied research and technology transfer in ICT. We perform this task responsibly, with an eye to the future, and for the common good. In doing so, we address the social challenges posed by the use of technology while seizing on the opportunities it offers.

We are aware of our social responsibility as drivers of ICT innovations for shaping digitization. For this reason, it is important to us to present our view on specific research topics and associated aspects that may be socially controversial in transparent position papers and to open them up for public discussion.

Through various event formats, such as the FZI Spring Festival in Berlin, we also want to contribute to the discourse on research-relevant IT topics that move society. In doing so, we follow principles also applied in our research: These topics should be approached from multiple perspectives, in an interdisciplinary manner, and as objectively as possible.

Any questions about public affairs?

Our Communications team is happy to help.

Any questions about public affairs?

Our Communications team is happy to help.

Our position papers

Whitepaper Generative KI und ihr Einsatz im beruflichen Umfeld (in German)

Dr.-Ing. Fabian Rigoll, Dr.-Ing. Steffen Thoma, Maria Rill

Topics: Artificial Intelligence

Positionspapier zur Novellierung der eIDAS-Verordnung

Aline Vugrincic, Antonio Scaduto

Topics: Cybersecurity and Law, digital identities, EUDI-Wallet, data protection

Whitepaper zur Rechtslage der IT-Sicherheitsforschung (in German)

Silvia Balaban, Franziska Boehm, Dominik Brodowski, Roman Dickmann, Fabian Franzen, Niklas Goerke, Sebastian Golla, Stephan Koloßa, Michael Kreutzer, Jochen Krüger, Maximilian Leicht, Johannes Obermaier, Maria Pieper, Marc Schink, Linda Schreiber, Dieter Schuster, Christoph Sorge, Hoa Tran, Oliver Vettermann, Stephanie Vogelgesang, Daniel Vonderau, Manuela Wagner

Topics: IT security, data protection

Positionspapier zu Energiewirtschaftlichen Positionen als Ergebnis des C/Sells-Projekts (in German)

Julian Huber, Manuel Lösch

Topics: energy transistion, cellular energy infrastructures, flexibility, energy fluctuation, citizen participation

Positionspapier zur Blockchain-Technologie (in German)

Competence Center for IT Security

Topics: blockchain technology, application area financial sector, IT security, data protection

Positionspapier zu Big Data, Smart Data (in German)

Stefan Jähnichen, Judith Junker, Luise Kranich, Andreas Oberweis, Astrid Ullwer, Christof Weinhardt

Topics: research questions around big data, ethics and law as well as acceptance of big data, smart data economy, big data and AI

Positionspapier zur Digitalisierung in Arztpraxen (in German)

Boris Amberg, Ferdinand Bär, Martin Benedict (HNO), Ilka Enger (Internistin), Andreas Haupt (DRK Pflegeheim Residenz Bad Friedrichshall) , Iris Heckmann, Rüdiger Kucher (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden Württemberg), Stefan Nickel, Eileen van Schaik, Johannes Schneider, Wilhelm Stork, Anne Zander (KIT)

Topics: digitization of the healthcare system, eHealth

Positionspapier Karlsruher Thesen zur Digitalen Souveränität Europas (in German)

Jörn Müller-Quade, Ralf Reussner, Jürgen Beyerer (KIT), Bernhard Beckert, Hannes Hartenstein (KIT), Luise Kranich, Jan Wiesenberger

Topics: data and infrastructure sovereignty, platform sovereignty, cloud, cybercrime

Positionspapier zum adäquaten Supply Chain Management: Is optimal still good enough? (in German)

Fabian Dunke (KIT), Iris Heckmann, Stefan Nickel, Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama (Universidade de Lisboa)

Topics: logistics, operations research, supply chains, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0

Positionspapier Analyse der Aktivitäten und Entwicklungsfortschritte im Bereich der Fahrzeugelektronik mit Fokus auf fahrzeugeigene Betriebssysteme (in German)

Eric Sax, Ralf Reussner, Jacqueline Henle, Stefan Otten, Sebastian Krach, Jörg Henß, Carl Philipp Hohl, Houssem Guissouma (KIT), Timur Sağlam (KIT)

Topics: vehicle electronics, in-vehicle operating systems, market for vehicles, megatrends in the automotive industry, measures and options for action

Whitepaper Wirksame Sicherheitsmaßnahmen für IoT-Produkte: Ein Ergebnis des Forschungsprojekts DEAL (in German)

Competence Center for IT Security

Topics: IT security, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0