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Instruments of Top-Level Research

Research infrastructures play a crucial role in Germany’s performance, innovative strength, and international competitiveness as a location for business and science.

Our infrastructure offers a sophisticated and comprehensive portfolio for cutting-edge research. This enables innovative applications and technologies to be successfully developed and tested for transfer to industry – both in collaboration with research institutions and companies and on direct assignments for partners. The following choice of instruments offers an insight into the range of our portfolio.

CoCar NextGen

CoCar NextGen is a pioneering research platform for automated and connected driving. The modular structure developed in-house, plus access to the entire German road network, characterizes the platform.

FZI-Shuttle KIGLIS Abschlussveranstaltung auf dem KIT Campus OST

FZI Shuttle

The highly automated and networked FZI Shuttles are an ideal solution for the last mile. They can, for instance, be integrated into public transport systems as an on-demand solution.



The FZI develops the multifunctional, modular service robot HoLLiE (House of Living Labs intelligent Escort), which assists people in their everyday lives.


The robots in the LAURON series are six-legged walking robots developed by the FZI. Robust walking for demanding inspection tasks is their distinguishing feature.



At the FZI, the robot platform Spot is available as a four-legged mobile walking robot for research in various application fields.



The robot platform ANYmal, designed as a four-legged mobile walking robot, is available at the FZI for research in various application fields.