CoCar NextGen

Pioneering research platform for automated and connected driving

CoCar NextGen

CoCar NextGen is a pioneering research platform for automated and connected driving. The Audi A6 Avant plug-in hybrid, equipped with various high-end sensors, high-performance hardware, and modern connectivity components, was set up in-house by the FZI. The modular design facilitates its use in various applications and research fields in new mobility concepts.

The vehicle is licensed on all German roads for testing, measurement, and trial runs. Engaging application scenarios are possible by integrating the intelligent infrastructure of the Test Area Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg (TAF BW). The scope of the application covers highway sections, state and federal roads, complex urban mixed traffic with bicycles and pedestrians, traffic-calmed zones, and parking garages. This enables the FZI to test cutting-edge research results directly in reality, investigate new approaches, and further develop the software for automated driving.

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Complete FZI in-house development without third-party specifications

Approved for all roads

Germany’s entire road network, with a length of 800,000 km, acting as a real laboratory


Customization of the hardware configuration, including own technology


Latest sensor technology, computing power for the use of AI, and drive-by-wire system for precise vehicle control

With its Intelligent Transportation Systems and Logistics research focus, the FZI is the scientific leader in researching new mobility concepts. It contributes to implementing functional and tailor-made solutions for industry and society.

Technical Data

Measurement Technology

The vehicle is equipped with the latest multimodal sensor technology. This is used to perceive the surroundings and localize or generate data for Artificial Intelligence. The modular design also allows new sensors to be added in the future.

  • 6x 4D LiDAR scanner (cyan)
  • 4x mid-range 360° LiDAR (blue)
  • 2x long range 360° LiDAR (yellow)
  • 9x full HD camera (orange)
  • 3x 4D radar (green)
  • 1x high-precision GNSS system
  • 1x Car2X onboard device

Computer Technology

A high-performance server is integrated into the trunk for data processing. With its two processors and three GPU units, it is also designed for computing-intensive algorithms and AI functions. The Linux operating system also makes it flexible for all types of software.

  • 2x 32 Cores CPUs
  • 61 TB SSD storage for recording sensor data
  • 20 Gbit/s on-board network
  • 3x A6000 GPUs
  • 2 TB for the operating system and other software

Approval and Areas of Application

CoCar NextGen is characterized by a drive-by-wire system, which also enables precise control by computer. The system is approved, meaning that the complete system can also be used for autonomous test drives on all public German roads.

With CoCar NextGen, the German road network becomes a comprehensive test field. The modular structure enables individual adaptations for your requirements.

Contact person

Marc Zofka

Department Manager
Research Division: Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

About the FZI

As an independent research institute, the FZI Research Center for Information Technology offers support for your problem solution by implementing test vehicles such as CoCar NextGen as a reference system and platform for development and sensors:

  • We provide support with potential analyses and studies on the feasibility of automated and connected vehicles on factory premises and in urban or inter-urban areas.
  • We assist you with developing sensor technologies and deliver qualifiable verification or validation results from measurement and test drives.
  • You need an automated or connected vehicle to present your services. We support you with the purchase, retrofitting with partners from our network, and the implementation of an automated mobility or transportation concept in your specific use case.

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