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Flexible refrigeration systems against the background of increased decarbonization – data-driven modelling and development of generic algorithms for scalable schedule optimization of heterogeneos refrigeration applications

Start: 01.2024

End: 12.2026

Against the background of accelerating the energy transition, the FlexBlue project aims to bring together relevant players of the flexibility value chain in the refrigeration sector to overcome current obstacles to the flexibilization of refrigeration systems.

The project consists of four sub-projects (SPs).

  • In sub-project A, two demonstrators will be built, operated, measured, and evaluated in real-world operation environments.
  • Sub-project B will define the operational interfaces between the players of the flexibility value chain and evaluate the inhibiting effects of the interface design on the intended flexibility potential.
  • The agenda of sub-project C is knowledge transfer and activation of participants.
  • Sub-project D aims to overcome the obstacles to a later transferability of the findings. To this end, scalable methods and schemes will be developed that are cost-effective and easily implementable.

The FZI leads sub-project D, developing generic algorithms for load forecast generation, calculating optimized schedules, and monitoring plant operations. The aim of the generic algorithms is the scalable application to numerous heterogeneous refrigeration applications with storage. The developed algorithms and procedures will be tested within sub-project A at the demonstrators. Here, the FZI implements the software for ICT connectivity of the installed sensors and actuators of the refrigeration systems. The FZI also supports activities in work packages of sub-projects B and C, such as configuring the demonstrators with sensors and actuators and defining operating strategies for the latter.


David Wölfle

Research Scientist
Division: Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

Research focus

Applied Artificial Intelligence

In this research focus of the FZI, the emphasis is on Human-centered Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence for prediction. The FZI also addresses questions on dedicated AI hardware and AI engineering.

Climate Action Innovation

The research focus Climate Action Innovation aims to actively promote climate protection and develop sustainable solutions in energy, mobility, production, and supply and disposal via IT innovations. Security aspects of the solutions are considered from the very onset.

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