Ariane Heling

Portrait von Ariane Heling
Ariane Heling
Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

Ariane Heling studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with a focus on decentralized generation, smart grids, building energy technologies and energy management systems from both an information technology and engineering perspective. In her thesis, she investigated the suitability of Support Vector Data Description (SVDD) for modeling the flexibility of various decentralized energy consumers, generators and storages.

In addition to her studies, she worked in the field of testing of energy management systems – first as a research assistant at the FZI, later as a working student at the FZI spin-off EnQS. She gained further practical experience during internships in Germany and the USA.

Since October 2019, Ariane Heling has been working as a research scientist at the FZI in the department Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering (ISPE), with a focus on intelligent energy management systems for buildings under dynamic grid restrictions.

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