Carsten Plasberg

Portrait von Carsten Plasberg
Carsten Plasberg
Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

Carsten Plasberg has been working as a research assistant in the Interactive Diagnostic and Service Systems (IDS) department since 2018. His work focuses on six-legged walking robots and their control in ROS and ROS2, as well as the development of new hardware and software components for robotic systems of all kinds.

Carsten Plasberg obtained his Master of Science degree after studying electrical engineering and information technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). In 2018, he wrote his master's thesis at the FZI, entitled "Creating a risk taxonomy and metrics as well as methods for risk fusion for mobile robots in the context of planetary exploration", with which he enabled intelligent autonomous reactions of robots to various risk factors.

In addition to his work as a research assistant, Carsten Plasberg is pursuing his PhD at KIT with the working title "Dynamic behavioral adaptation of mobile six-legged walking robots." A particular focus is on expanding the behavioral diversity of behavior-based control and optimizing the complex parameter space.

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