Johanna Häs

Portrait von Johanna Häs
Johanna Häs
Division Manager

Johanna Häs started working in communications at the FZI in April 2010. In January 2011, she became head of the Corporate Communications and Media staff department, where she continuously built up a steadily growing team. In January 2019, the department was merged into the new central division "Communications", which she since has headed together with Frieda-Sophie Lammert and Valérie Hasler (fehlt auch im Deutschen). The division is responsible for the entire internal and external communication of the FZI, including live communication.
Johanna studied Business Administration and Engineering at Furtwangen University, specializing in documentation and communication. After graduating, she worked as a marketing specialist at a service provider for information management and technical documentation before discovering her enthusiasm for science communication and informatics application research at the FZI.

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