Philipp Fath

Portrait von Philipp Fath
Philipp Fath
Department Manager
Information Process Engineering

Philipp Fath studied industrial engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with a focus on production and logistics. He was able to gain international experience during semesters abroad and internships in Spain, Switzerland and Mexico.

He worked for several years as a project manager in simulation projects of material flow and logistics systems in various industries.

He joined the Information Process Engineering (IPE) research area at the FZI in September 2016. He is interested in combining optimization methods of Operations Research and simulation.

Scheduling heating tasks on parallel furnaces with setup times and conflicts
Lange, Fath, Sayah (2021) Operations Research Proceedings

2D Strip Packing with Precedence
Fath, Sayah, Nickel (2019) EURO Dublin

An exact tree search algorithm for the hot sheet stacking problem
Fath, Sayah, Nickel (2018) EURO Valencia

An integrated simulation-optimization framework for complex emergency medical services
Olave, Nickel, Fath, Reuter-Oppermann (2018) EURO Valencia

Digitale Rettungskette: Projektgruppe zeigt gesamten Prozess
Fath (2018) BOS Leitstelle aktuell

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Fath, Sayah (2021)

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