Timing Analysis for Heterogeneous and Multicore Systems

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, Thesis

Research focus: Embedded Systems, Embedded Systems and Security, Development Tools, Software Performance
Courses of study: Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Related Disciplines, Business Informatics

Job Description

We are looking for a motivated student who is interested in the development of an innovative approach for the analysis of the execution time for heterogeneous and multicore applications. The new approach is based on the extension of a consolidated singlecore approach and on the emerging LLVM Compiler infrastructure.
We offer the possibility to prepare a bachelor or a master thesis. The multicore extension requires the development of C++ code in order to provide fast timing predictions. The analysis technique considers the application binary representation as well as its LLVM Intermediate Representation. The validity of the final approach can be showed by analyzing real systems based on different ARM architectures.

Your Responsibilities

  • Definition of the heterogeneous/multicore extension
  • Practical implementation
  • Approach validation

Our Offer

  • The possibility to prepare your thesis on an hot research and industrial topic
  • The possibility to work with real hardware
  • Pleasant work environment and constructive cooperation 

Your Profile

  • Knowledge of C++ and Object Oriented Programming
  • Basic knowledge of compilers and embedded systems in general
  • Interest, motivation and commitment

Job Description

  • Start: As soon as possible