Playfully training AI: The FZI “AI Buzz Wire” is presented at the Stallwächterparty in Berlin

The FZI explains how to train an Artificial Intelligence to control robots at the summer party of the Baden-Württemberg State Representation

Top politicians crazy about AI: Every year, the Minister President of Baden-Württemberg invites high-ranking personalities on the Thursday of the last Bundestag session to the traditional Stallwächterparty in the State Representation in Berlin. This year, the FZI was once again represented at the 58th fest, themed “Artificial Intelligence” to kick off the parliamentary summer recess, to illustrate the collection of training data for AI and robotics. This year, top politicians played the game “Hot Wire” under the catchphrase “AI Buzz Wire”. In the process, the guests not only navigated a robot arm on the hot wire themselves, but also supported the collection of data for training an AI at the same time. By evaluating the human attempts, the robot was able to master the wire and thus the game itself at the end of the evening. 


Since 1964, the representation of the state of Baden-Württemberg to the federal government has held its traditional summer party, the Stallwächterparty. The event showcases the state’s innovative diversity and is also considered one of the most important communication platforms of the political summer.

Last Thursday, on July 6, the Board of Executive Directors, the Board of Scientific Directors and employees of the FZI exchanged ideas on informatics research with guests from government, media, culture, business and civil society in the embassy district at Berlin’s Tiergarten under the motto “Artificial Intelligence”. The focus was on AI as an opportunity for robotics research and the transfer of innovative applications into practice.

Experiencing robots and AI training data generation live through “AI Buzz Wire”

At the same time, the approximately 1,800 guests had the opportunity to experience a robust FZI robot live at the presentations of the 50 exhibitors in the State Representation with the game “AI Buzz Wire”. They could control a robotic arm and maneuver it over an electric wire.

But the special part of the game took place at night: The experiments controlled by the guests were stored as data sets and then used to teach the robot the task. 

Thus, during the course of the evening, the robot was enabled to learn the “profile” of the wire – and ultimately to master the wire course all by itself by evaluating the human attempts.

Not only the host State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet was excited about “AI Buzz Wire”, but also the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, the members of the Bundestag and SPD politicians Parsa Marvi and Dr. Nils Schmid as well as the Head of the Observatory on Artificial Intelligence in Work and Society at the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Judith Peterka, and Head of Division at the Baden-Württemberg State Representation, Ulrich Aierstock.