Making Personal Mobility Data Usable while Preserving Privacy

ANYMOS – Anonymization for Interconnected Mobility Systems

Future mobility solutions will be data-driven and highly user-centric. Personal data is often essential but subject to data protection regulations. The ANYMOS competence cluster applies specific use cases to investigate the use of anonymization techniques while maintaining the usefulness of the data. The advantage of anonymization in reducing uncertainties about the data protection-compliant handling of personal data must not be at the expense of the usability of the data for specific applications. ANYMOS aims to establish a process model that guides companies in identifying anonymization needs and opportunities, selecting suitable state-of-the-art methods, applying them correctly, and identifying and assessing systemic re-identification risks. The exhibit illustrates the process of anonymization while preserving the usability of the data using different mobility applications.

How does the exhibit contribute to the topic of sustainability?

More efficient use of the existing infrastructure is essential for the successful scale-up of public transport in Germany. This requires extensive data for detailed forecasts and intelligent, personalized recommendations to users without compromising their privacy.

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