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Networked mobility for the Upper Middle Rhine region

Start: 12/2017

End: 11/2020

In order to master the mobility transition, new concepts linking mobility offers in a synergetic manner and make them accessible at a low threshold are needed.

The regiomove intermodal mobility project aims at comprehensively linking existing Karlsruhe transport services with those of the surrounding region and thus the entire Upper Middle Rhine region, combining train, bus, rental bike and car sharing. To this end, the mobility providers will be brought together on a common platform for route planning and booking. A mobile application enables the use of the different means of transportation along the planned route without the need to manage different tickets. In the future, the various mobility offerings will also be bundled at dedicated hubs – so-called “ports.” These will then facilitate easy and convenient selection and switching between different modes of transportation.

Within the consortium, the FZI is focusing on research into a preference service for managing personal mobility-related preferences. This enables routing service to compute individual routes based on user preferences.

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Christoph Becker

Vice Division Manager
Division: Software Engineering

Research focus

Intelligent Transportation Systems and Logistics

Intelligent solutions for the transportation of people and goods represent a focus topic of FZI’s application research. Particular attention is paid to public transport, the application of artificial intelligence, the further development of driving functions and their safeguarding, and open source & open data.

Funding notice:
The regiomove project is funded within the framework of the program RegioWin by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as well as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism.

Project partners:

German Sustainability Award (Top 3)

The German Sustainability Award is Europe’s biggest award for environmental and social commitment. According to the jury’s statement, “regiomove takes a regional approach and combines digital and physical networking to advance an efficient and climate-friendly form of mobility.”

“Wir machen Mobilitätswende” State Award

The award “Wir machen Mobilitätswende!” (“We create a mobility turnaround!”) honors people from Baden-Württemberg who professionally drive the topic of mobility transition forward. Among the winners is Dr. Frank Pagel of the Karlsruhe Transport Authority (KVV) with the regiomove project.

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