Climate Coaching
for SMEs

Supporting the Transformation to a Climate-Neutral Company

Climate Coaching for SMEs

“Spin the wheel for advice on sustainability” – that’s the motto of the climate coaches from the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrums Klima.Neutral.Digital at the “Wheel of Sustainability”. The climate coaches support small and medium-sized enterprises in identifying courses of action for the transformation towards climate neutrality and developing an implementable sustainability strategy. The “Wheel of Sustainability” covers key topics that are, from a company’s perspective, important in the areas of sustainability and climate neutrality. Turning the wheel picks a random topic from the subject areas of legal regulations, dimensions, strategies, or methods, which can serve as a concrete basis for discussion with a climate coach. The wheel’s choices provide an easy introduction to the wide range of sustainability topics and allow for a targeted discussion of the challenges and opportunities, particularly those introduced by digitalization technologies.

How does the exhibit contribute to the topic of sustainability?

The exhibit highlights relevant sustainability management topics from a company perspective and offers exciting ideas and impulses for discussion with managing directors, sustainability officers, and other employees on subjects such as the environment or energy.

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The Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Klima.Neutral.Digital is part of Mittelstand-Digital. With the Mittelstand-Digital network, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action supports digitalization in small and medium-sized enterprises and the skilled trades.

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