Robot-Based Dynamic
Recycling of E-Waste

Robust Robotics for Production and Recycling

Robot-Based Dynamic Recycling of E-Waste

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology demonstrates flexible e-waste recycling with an intelligent robot cell. Electrical components must first be broken down into their parts to feed into the recycling loop. Recycling is only possible once hazardous or non-recyclable components have been removed. Dismantling is complex and requires varying work steps and force-based handling. The process is, therefore, still predominantly carried out manually. The aim is to automate this process with a flexible robot for production and dismantling. The demonstrator shows how even difficult-to-handle components, despite being jammed, can be removed with the help of learned handling strategies. 3D sensors monitor the workspace during operation, and the arm’s movements are immediately adapted to obstacles. Adaptive planning enables work steps to be carried out even if processes or the work area change.

How does the exhibit contribute to the topic of sustainability?

Flexible robot-based recycling of electronic waste allows electronic components to be dismantled more effectively and the individual parts to be fed into the recycling cycle. Recycling of the used resources saves raw materials and enables the removal of hazardous substances at an early stage.

The results shown are supported by the GANResilRob project (01MJ22003A).

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