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Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg

Security for our economy

Start: 01/2018

End: 06/2022

Cyberattacks pose one of the biggest threats to our country’s economy. The Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg is facing this menace. Acting as a contact point for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as a coordinating body in case of a cyberattack, the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg networks with IT-security authorities, industry and science.

The goal of the project is to create regional infrastructure to provide first aid in case of a cyberattack. For that reason, the free hotline was set up in the pilot phase 2018 for small and medium-sized enterprises from Karlsruhe, and later Baden-Baden and Rastatt. With the continuation of the project in September 2020, the hotline was extended to the entirety of Baden-Württemberg and can be reached under the phone number 0800-CYBERWEHR, i.e. 0800-292379347. On-site support is offered in particularly drastic incidents in the regions and cities of Karlsruhe, Rastatt and Baden-Baden.

The FZI Research Center for Information Technology leads the consortium and contributes its expertise in the field of applied IT security research to the project. The main contribution of the FZI focuses on the content orientation, concept and organization of the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg as well as on developing digital tools and work processes. On workdays, employees of the FZI are the first contact for help seeking companies. Together with experts from the Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg network, the FZI analyzes the incident in a call with the company and furnishes recommended actions.

The Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg is a unique pilot project and the first of its kind in Germany. The project is supported by the Ministry of the Interior, Digitalisation and Local Government as a part of the digital@bw digitalization strategy and the country’s cybersecurity architecture.


Marc Nemes

Research Scientist
Division: Innovation, Strategie und Transfer

Research Focus

Safety, Security and the Law

The FZI focuses in this research area on the topics of resilience for critical infrastructures, managing security, legal tech and (post-)quantum cryptography, and also deals with the mutual influence of artificial intelligence on safety and security.

Funding notice:
The Cyberwehr Baden-Württemberg project is funded by the Ministry of the Interior, Digitalisation and Local Government.

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