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Hybrid building twins for increased energy efficiency

Start: 10.2023 

End: 09.2026

Hybrenergy focuses on sustainable construction process engineering via digital building twins.

Apart from building information models and traditional construction plans, the approach integrates as-built scans, control data from the building services equipment (BSE), and sensor and environmental data. These data are merged into a common, hybrid twin model spanning all lifecycle phases of the building and used for energy simulations, BSE optimizations, and collaborative visualizations in virtual reality. The aim is to evaluate what-if scenarios for CO2-reducing construction and refurbishment measures in new buildings, but, even more importantly, in existing buildings, and translate them into specific investment recommendations. Hence, the project directly supports the energy transition in the building sector.

Within the project’s scope, the FZI is developing the holistic data model for the hybrid twin as well as processing and merging high volumes of data for use in simulations and visualizations.


Janek Bender

Vice Department Manager
Division: Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

Research focus

Climate Action Innovation

The research focus Climate Action Innovation aims to actively promote climate protection and provide sustainable solutions for energy, mobility, production, and supply and disposal via IT innovations. Security aspects of the solutions are considered from the very onset.

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