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Automatic Integration of Avionik Racks via Artificial Intelligence

Start: 12/2021

End: 12/2023

Over the past years, a new modular concept for future On-Board Computer System Architectures in aviation systems evolved. Against this backdrop, the international standard CompactPCI Serial Space was published in 2017. Due to the many contacts, the plug-in of the numerous cards developed for this rack-based concept is challenging.

The FZI is working on robots that provide support with sensitive manipulation in this scenario. Robots can use human reference data to learn the interface-specific handling strategies for plugging in the cards. These force strategies are stored in a Deep Neural Network and optimized in a second simulative phase. Employing a targeted transfer learning phase, the AI system adapts the force-sensitive strategy according to the card used. The result is a new adaptive and force-based robotic solution.

In RackKI, an automated AI-supported solution was successfully developed. It implements a flexible handling approach with a terrestrial lightweight industrial robot and can plug in new cards intelligently and autonomously. A unique gripper and collision-free path planning were developed, enabling the cards to be transported from storage to the rack before the force-based plug-in.


Georg Heppner

Department Manager
Division: Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

Research Focus

Applied Artificial Intelligence

In this research focus of the FZI, the emphasis is on Human-centered Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence for prediction. The FZI also addresses questions on dedicated AI hardware and AI engineering.

Roboterarm steckt Karte in ein Rack

Funding note:
The RackKI project (Funding Code 50RA2128) was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

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